Radical Utopian Communities

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International Conferences:

  • Radical East Asia: Dissent, Deviation and Disruption in the Twentieth Century
    International Conference organized by Robert Kramm and Julia Lange
    School of History, LMU Munich, 22-23 March 2024

Book Talks:

Public lectures:

  • Rebecca Karl: “China's Modern Revolutions and Historical Time,” 14 July 2022 (in cooperation with CAS LMU)
  • Philippa Levine: "The Legibility of the Unclothed Body: Science, Medicine and Nakedness," 16 November 2020 (in cooperation with CAS LMU)


  • "Historical Narration: Exploring Ways of Writing Global History," workshop with Philippa Levine, 17 November 2020.
  • “Radical History in East Asia,”
    LMU-NYU workshop with Rebecca Karl and Tatiana Linkhoeva;
    Part 1: 14-15 July 2022 at CAS LMU, together with Frank Jacob, Joachim Kurtz;
    Part 2: 12-18 September 2022 at NYU.
    Funded by the LMU-NYU Research Cooperation Program